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Production Bench Vise AIR OPERATED

Production Bench Vise

Speeds Production

The Heinrich Production Bench Vise speeds production in foundry cleaning rooms, assembly lines or welding operations. May be used in bending and straightening jobs. Use in pairs with single control for holding long workpieces.

The vise is adjusted to the desired opening in the same manner as an ordinary bench vise. Double-acting, piston type air cylinder provides 1" travel and holding power 33 times air line pressure. (Example: 3300 lb. at 100 psi.) Maximum operating pressure 120 psi.

4-1/2" Jaw Width opens to 6 inches.
A locking lever controls rotation of vise on swivel base. Hardened and ground bars maintain accurate jaw alignment. Serrated, hardened jaw faces are replaceable.

Model No. Shipping
Net Price
(Complete with No. 45-12CI Four-Way Foot Treadle Valve & three No. 34-14 Air Hoses)
116 lb. $1,514.58
(Vise only)
110 lb. $1,374.75
Vise operates with No. 45-12CI Four-Way Foot Treadle Valve or No. 45-18 Three-Way Hand Valve and three No. 34-14 Air Hoses. Foot Treadle leaves operator's hands free; vise jaws remain open or closed without constant foot pressure.