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Cross-Hole Drill Jigs HAND and AIR OPERATED

Hand Operated Cross-Hole Drill Jig

Three models to choose from

Air Operated Cross-Hole Drill Jig

Three models to choose from

Easy Setup and Fast Action, Speeds Up Production

Designed for precision cross-hole drilling of round or hexagon stock. Clamping plate quickly adjusts to the size of the workpiece. An easy press on the locking lever of the hand-operated units, or actuating the air valve of the air-operated jigs, pulls the clamping plate down against the workpiece, with a travel of 3/64". Flick the lever to vertical position, or release the foot or hand valve, and the part can be removed. An adjustable stop, with 9" long rod for locating work longitudinally, is furnished for use on either side of the jig.

Drills are guided by A.S.A. slip fit, "SF", bushings fitted into adapter liners in the clamping plate. Bushings are held in position by an adjustable lock screw. Plate is held in alignment and positioned by hardened and ground guide pins and locking plunger. The adapter liner in the clamping plate is accurately centered, within a tolerance of .001", above the hardened and ground 60ยบ V-Block.