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Air Vises and Clamps

Air Vise Single Acting Cylinder

Ideal base structure for jigs and fixtures. Precision machined Air Vises SPEED PRODUCTION!

Diaphram type, spring return air cylinder. Holding power, 15X air pressure. (Example: 1500 lbs. at 100psi.) Amount of pressure may be controlled to suit the operation by use of an air regulator.

Maximum travel after setting - 3/8". For efficient operation 1/16" travel is recommended. Ratchet operated, triple lead thread adjusting screw quickly positions jaw at any point within the jaw opening, locked securely by set screw. Work leveled by soft steel recessed parallel jaw inserts, which can be removed to accomodate jig and fixture components. Hollow base for clear through drilling.

Model No. Shipping Weight
33 Vise
Complete with No.34-12CI Foot Treadle and two No. 34-14 5 ft. lengths of hose
20 lb.
33-A Vise only 16 lb.
3-VB V-Block
9/64" - 1" rd. cap.
1 lb.
44 Vise
Complete with No. 34-12Cl Foot Treadle and two No. 34-14 5-ft. lengths of hose
29 lb.
44-A Vise only 24 lb.
44-VB V-Block
9/64" to 1-1/16" rd. cap.
1 lb.
Operates with No. 34-18 Three-way hand valve, and two No. 34-14 hoses.

Hardened and ground - insures firm grip on large stock.

Air Vise V-Block Attachment